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Do I really need a hair mask?

deep hair conditioning mask

Are you using a deep conditioner at least once per week? No? You need to be. Why? Because a deep conditioner and an everyday conditioner are 2 completely different products. Let me explain...

An everyday conditioner sits on the hair, it only conditions the surface. They are great for being able to get a comb/brush through it after washing and offers a bit of shine and manageability during the blow out. They are necessary, but that's really as far as the benefits go.

A deep conditioning mask actually penetrates the hair shaft, nourishing between the cuticles, within the cuticle layers and/or within the cortex. The effects last for several days depending on how often you wash your hair.

Who needs a deep conditioner? Unless you have virgin hair and no grey... you do my friend! If you color your hair, you absolutely need a mask- If you have aging (grey) hair, you need a mask- Do you blow dry? Iron? You need a mask- The truth is that you can't expect to have gorgeous, bouncy hair if you don't take it beyond a basic regimen. Smooth, shiny, healthy... this is the goal. Dry, split, crispy hair... not cute-

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