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Haircuts & Blowouts

haircut & blowout 
night out blowout 

includes iron finish 


All haircuts and blowouts include

Leaf & Flower mini smooth and shine hair / scalp treatment- scalp brushing + massage- hot towel wrap 

Color & Lightening

gloss / toner  $45+

root retouch   $85+

All over color $100+

Hairline brightening  $75+

partial / full highlight  $140+

Single color for grey coverage or maintenance of an existing color


Lightening at hairline for subtle dimension around face.

Lightening around face, top, back of head to create dimension 

For toning fresh highlights for a more desirable end result or adding a high gloss finish and manageability to the hair. 

Single color applied from roots to ends

All color services include haircut or treatment and blowout

All lightening services include gloss / toner and 

or treatment and blow out

Haircut may be added on for $60


Leaf & Flower hair & scalp treatment $65

Leaf & Flower mini treatment $20 

k18 Strengthen & repair $30

Malibu hair detox $30

scalp deep cleanse / exfoliation $50

Anti-aging hair treatment that locks down lifted cuticle, mends split ends, neutralizes frizz and eases scalp irritation and oil production. Lasts up to 10 washes. Goes under dryer for 15 minutes 

Restores and softens, improves manageability, 

Service included with all haircuts and color refresh services. Includes hot towel- lasts up to 5 shampoos 

Leave in treatment clinically proven to repair hair damage and renew strands for strength, softness, smoothness and bounce of hair like new

Removes mineral, medicinal, product and environmental buildup from scalp and hair- removes discoloration from mineral buildup

Loosens and removes dry flaking skin and oily buildup from scalp & hair 

Keratin Treatment 

Brazilian Blowout brand keratin protein treatment 

-Reduces frizz

-Reduces volume

-Enhances shine

-Increases manageability

Lasts up to 12 weeks 

Cumulative results 

Booking Options 

We like to keep things super streamlined and stress free over here, so I've created 4 booking options to make your online booking experience quick and easy...



L&F mini smooth and shine treatment 

Scalp brushing and massage

Hot towel wrap

Haircut and blowout

Custom product solutions 

75 min $105

Shape up


Root retouch or all over color or hairline brightening

Gloss / Toner

Treatment & blowout

Haircut can be added on for $60

2 hrs+  $165+



Partial or full lightening 

Gloss / Toner

Treatment & blowout

Haircut can be added on for $60

2.5+ hrs 


Root retouch

Partial or full lightening 

Gloss / Toner

Treatment & blowout

Haircut can be added on for $60

3.5 hrs+ 

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