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C'mon in! 

I look forward to meeting you! 

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy, I understand that... so I take away all the usual stress and confusion through my unique new guest booking experience to make the introductory phase as painless as possible for you-
Fill out the appointment request below and you'll get an email that includes a digital consultation form with pre visit questions so I can get an idea of what your needs are and what direction we'll be heading in. Once an appointment is booked, you'll receive a welcome email with first visit details. I want to ensure that your first visit is seamless.

So, let's get started! 

Lovely middle-aged blond woman with a beaming smile sitting on a sofa at home looking at t
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We'll begin the visit with a thorough consultation by quickly chatting about your lifestyle and hair goals. We'll go over any inspiration pictures to get an idea of what you do and don't like, we'll discuss what will work for you and then make a plan not only for this visit, but for future visits as well.

Once the appointment begins it's up to you whether you want to chat or have a moment to yourself checking emails or closing your eyes to relax is totally up to
you. Whatever makes you comfortable and happy! 

During the appointment I will share my hair tips and tricks so that you can duplicate what I'm doing at home. The goal is  to ensure that all your hair needs are met. 
We'll wrap it up by setting up your next appointment as well as choosing the proper haircare for you at home. 


  • A clean, bright, and comfortable atmosphere

  • Nespresso coffee, Organic tea, gourmet chocolates, and healthy snack options

  • Premium hair care, color & keratin products

  • Free Wifi

  • Apple and Samsung device chargers

  • Product rewards program 

Succulents on Windowsill

"Nathalie is intuitive and always knows what I'll like and what'll look good on me. She's fresh with the latest techniques and trends. My hair always lays right whether it's styled or not. Her quality cuts let me get up and go instead of fighting with it."


"Nathalie is the best and the her studio is the embodiment of her spirit." 


Voozsh is modern but homey. Upscale with a spa feel. Getting my hair cut is an hour of relaxation out of my hectic schedule that I look forward to every time!" 


Request Appointment 

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