If you're using a round brush,

make sure

it's an ERGO! 

These are the brushes I've been using since they came on the market 10 years ago and haven't looked elsewhere... 


Why do I love these brushes so much? Because they're the best! They simply get the job done- quickly and efficiently.

-They dry the hair faster, shinier, smoother. 

-​They have a ​20% longer barrel than other brushe​s and an​ extra long silicone handle to ​give you​ total control and making it easier to reach all areas of the hair and ​with less hand fatigue.

-The handle has a seamless design​ and the recessed end cap​ ​prevents hair from snagging. 

-High quality carbon bristles infused with tourmeline are heat resistant and the brush will last a long time. They are an investment-

How do you know you need your hair brush replaced? 

-The bristles are melted or worn. Bristles should be straight so they don't tug on the hair and cause breakage.

- The surface of the barrel looks worn or is chipping. There is technology that gets worn and brushes don't perform the way they should.

- You've had it forever. It's time... 

- You bought a cheapie at the grocery store. Time for an upgrade! 

**If you're not sure what size you need, measure your brush from outer bristle to outer bristle. 

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