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Hello gorgeous! I'm Nathalie.. I love to connect with people and make them feel fabulous about the way they look- I was born in Switzerland and moved here when I was 4. I live downtown Chicago with my husband. Flowers and plants are my jam because they keep me close to nature daily. I listen to music and sing to relieve stress and you can still find me on the dance floor occasionally... I work hard, play hard, rest hard. I love to cook. Love to travel. Netflix and wine? Let's chat! 

Inspired by my Mom, I decided be a stylist early on. I was off building my career at Mario Tricoci Hair Salons before my friends were leaving for college. I was a stylist with the successful brand for over 20 years before I opened my very own suite in 2017. I am in love with my career now more than ever. It has been so fulfilling for me to have the freedom to unleash my inner boss babe and to build a business and experience for my guests that I am proud of.

 I credit ongoing education for my career longevity and long standing relationships with my clients. I've had the pleasure of training with some industry icons including Vidal Sassoon, London and Sam Villa, Redken Exchange, New York, as well as Mario Tricoci and Anthony Christiano locally in Chicago. I love to learn and make time every week so that I can offer you the very best service and products on the market. 


A wise man once told me "If you're not moving forward, you're falling behind." It's since become one of my mantras...


"Nathalie is a masterful artist. She's the trifecta of a high end stylist- artist, scientist and teacher. She balances the art and science of the cut and I love the chic and modern look of my hair. 

Nathalie shares her knowledge and teaches me how to style my hair so my hair looks almost as good when I style it compared to when I leave her studio. It always looks silky and has lots of movement. 

Voozsh reflects Nathalie's vibe.. classic with great attention to high quality, organic details."


Nathalie's studio is calm, relaxing and a refreshing change from the noisy atmosphere you find in a corporate salon. It's quality "me" time, every time. She's excellent at listening to what you want your style to be now or helping you transition there. She also carries a line of products you must try!

"Nathalie has been cutting my hair for a long time. She is intuitive and always knows what I'll like and what'll look good on me. She is fresh with the latest techniques and trends.  People often ask "Who does your hair?" I think it's because my hair always lays right whether it's styled or not. Her quality cuts let me get up and go instead of fighting with it. 

Voozsh is modern but homey. Upscale with a spa feel. Getting my hair cut is an hour of relaxation out of my hectic schedule that I look forward to every time!" 


"Natalie has been cutting my hair for 12 years. So happy she has launched her own business. I always look forward to seeing her, and walk away feeling so empowered. She is talented, professional and beautiful from the inside out!"


"Nathalie is the best and the her new salon is the embodiment of her spirit."

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