I want you to feel comfortable the moment you walk through my door. These days, it's hard to

catch a break from the busy, so I created Voozsh  to be a respite- a time to slow down, reinvigorate and refocus on you- We take our time and you will never feel rushed.


My mission is for you to have an experience rather than an appointment. Imagine having your hair done in a private space with a chill vibe, enjoying a warm cup of tea or a glass of wine, all while being pampered. No phones, no lines, no boss, no kids... just you, getting gorgeous! 

But, it's not all about hair. Voozsh is an inclusive hair, skin and beauty boutique. I offer customized regimens that provide solutions tailored to your personality, personal needs and commitment level.  Personalized, one on one consult saves you time and money and ends the product confusion once and for all!


Are you looking for a more personalized appointment?

Time to clean out the product graveyard and start using products that perform?  

Ready to enjoy the value of an upgraded experience? 


Then let's get to know one another! 

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