Moroccanoil Treatment



Moroccanoil Treatment is THE product that pioneered oil-infused hair care and created the worldwide buzz on organ oil- forever changing the hair and skin care industries.


This super versatile product can be used as a style foundation, a style finisher, a mid day refresher, as well as a nourishing treatment. 


Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine and boosting vitamins, this transformative hair treatment is a single product that;


  • Improves manageability 

  •  Imparts radiant shine 

  •  Detangles 

  •  Controls frizz and flyaways 

  •  Increases elasticity 

  •  Gives hair a softer texture 

  •  Significantly speeds up blow-drying time 


Who wouldn't want that? 


Here's what clients are saying

"I have been using Moroccanoil Treatment for many years- no other nutritive hair oil even comes close to the way this makes my hair look and feel! I have fine, wavy, hair that frizzes in the summer and is dry and brittle in the winters due to my daily styling. Moroccanoil helps keep my hair smooth, nourished, shiny, and manageable- without weighing it down or making it look greasy/heavy. Plus, it smells amazing and makes me feel like I'm getting a spa treatment every day! I was absolutely thrilled that Nathalie chose this line for her salon and have started making my way through the rest of the products in the line. I have not found a single one I haven't loved!"


"Nathalie gave me a sample of the Moroccanoil treatment when she first begin using this product in her salon.  I have been using this amazing product daily ever since because it  makes my hair look, feel, and smell amazing.  My hair has been so much healthier using it on a daily basis.  I love using it as a deep treatment prior to washing as well as using it on both wet and dry hair.

I believe in Moroccanoil so much that I've  gifted both my daughter and granddaughter with this amazing product.  We take vitamins for our body why not take a chance and “feed” your hair.  Try it and you won’t regret it!"